I’m a Principal Software Architect on the Sage 300 product in Vancouver, Canada.

I have been developing software during and since college. I developed hospitality software for 10 years and have been developing accounting software for the last 25 years. The last 10 years have been working on the Sage 300 product.

Even though I work on the Sage 300 product out of the Vancouver, Canada office, I am a remote employee and live in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. I am a huge Duke Blue Devils fan and although 2 of my daughter’s are going to UNC Chapel Hill, I still love them more than Duke 🙂

I have been married to my wife Cynthia for 31 years is a daily blessing to me as are my daughters and my faith. They all make life enjoyable and rewarding.

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  1. Is the SDK also available for the Sage 300 2016/2017/2018 desktop version ? If yes, can you provide a link with some documentation?


  2. Hi JT, we are using the Sage 300 (version 2016) both the locally installed app and the web version which points to our local server, not cloud based. We are trying to find a way to setup session timeouts to free up licenses, but can only seem to find info on logging on and kicking low priority users off. We were hoping that we could setup a timeout so when someone hasn’t been active for 30 minutes or so, their license gets released for someone else to use. Is this possible on our version?


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  3. Hey Tim,

    The Sage 300 Desktop has the ability to manually (or force) users out of the application, but there is nothing setup that is automatic.

    The Sage 300 Web Screens already include a timeout feature which is set to 20 minutes. So, once 20 minutes of inactivity is detected, there will be a warning message displayed and then followed by a forced sign out of the user. However, the web screens do not utilize, at this point in time, a LanPak license. So, this automatic sign off due to inactivity does not free a license because it does not utilize a license (at this point).

    I hope this answers your inquiry,


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